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By HRLL, Nov 26 2019 12:56AM

2019 AGM Minutes were published on 13 November and a copy can also be found in the shareholders secure area.

By HRLL, Oct 12 2019 03:31PM

The “HRLL owned tree management policy / pruning and felling of trees” was written on the advice of, and in consultation with, our Arborist Julian Abraham (Tech.Cert.(Arbor A) NCH Arb.) at the beginning of 2013. Many sources, including RuT’s tree management policy, were consulted before arriving at HRLL’s policy adopted in 2013. There had previously been no written tree management policy. Further research has been undertaken since the 2018 AGM, including looking at the policies on the pruning and felling of trees in 20 further Local Authorities in and around London i.e. bodies which manage a large number of trees in a similar environment to HRLL and where the trees are subject to similar conditions, and also at the policies adopted by other Estates of similar size and location. All have a similar policy to HRLL and the Board sees no reason to change the existing policy. The “HRLL owned tree management policy / pruning and felling of trees” therefore remains the same and can be found under the “Estate Management – HRLL Guiding Policies” section of this website.

By HRLL, Mar 14 2019 11:55PM

The mature Silver Birch was badly damaged when the top of the Coast Redwood fell through it on Sunday morning. Whilst removal is avoided where possible, the advice from two experts was that the tree was damaged in such a way that its safety could not be assured. Silver Birch is a relatively soft (hard)wood and does not cope well with decay. The likelihood is that water penetration into the snapped area would cause decay downwards into the stem, leading to failure of the other branches, and any regrowth emerging around this point would be weakly attached and in danger of ripping off. The position of the tree, close to the road at the corner of two of the main thoroughfares through the estate, and its close proximity to a primary school and therefore to school traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, was also taken into account. Removal of trees is not considered lightly but it would have been negligent of the Board not to take the decision to remove this tree. As is HRLL policy, the stump will be ground out and a replacement tree will be planted as soon as possible, guaranteeing a tree of good form and helping to future-proof the estate tree cover.

The Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is valued and much loved by residents throughout the estate, including the directors, all of whom live here. At Monday evening’s board meeting, after looking at our experts’ advice, it was decided to secure the tree, which will mean immediately dealing with the tears at the top and with any other damage which becomes apparent during a climbing inspection. The tree will be further assessed by our Arborist during the next scheduled tree survey, due in April/May, or sooner if considered necessary. It will then be monitored closely until such time as shareholders have been consulted about its management and a decision made. All options will be clearly laid out at the 2019 AGM.

By HRLL, Mar 11 2019 04:04PM

There have been some high winds over the last weekend (9th/10th March) that have caused many trees to be damaged across the Borough and also across the HRLL estate.

HRLL are aware and have had Arboriculturalists on-site assessing the damage and advising on necessary remediation activity.

Unfortunately there are some trees which are so badly damaged that we may not be able save them and HRLL are assessing options.

By HRLL, Feb 11 2019 04:22PM

You may have noticed that HRLL has recently started trialling solar powered security lighting in our Lake Gardens forecourt. We are conducting this trial to assess the costs, effectiveness and optimal configurations for such lighting.

The outcomes of this trial will determine if it improves safety and help HRLL to assess the feasibility of potentially introducing similar lighting into other forecourts.

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