You should ensure that your estate agent and lawyer make you aware of the Covenant conditions and Scheme of Management that apply to the property.  

There is a legally binding annual service charge payable to Ham Riverside Lands Ltd (HRLL) to cover estate management expenses.

All property owners have a one share holding in HRLL which transfers from the seller to the buyer - no sale can be completed before HRLL has sanctioned the transfer of the share certificate.

I want to buy a property on the HRL Ltd Estate - what do I need to know?

The Company requires full information including drawings (plans and elevations with all dimensions clearly shown) and details of all materials to be used.  This will enable the Board to ensure that the proposal does not conflict with the Covenants included in the Scheme of Management documents.

Please refer to the 2012 edition of the booklet 'A Guide to the Company and the Protective Covenants' for full details.

The Council's planning department should be contacted to check whether planning permission is required.

Why can't I put up a satellite dish?

If I want to build an extension, how do I apply for permission?

Drainage within the area covered by the leases are the responsibility of the leaseholders affected.

What do the Covenants mean?

There is an explanation of the covenants in the Company's booklet 'A Guide to the Company and the Protective Covenants' which can be downloaded here.

How do the Covenants affect me?

Details are given in the booklet 'A Guide to the Company and the Protective Covenants' which can be found on this website.  The most important point is that any works which affect the external appearance of the property must receive Company consent before commencement.

The Covenant conditions are legally binding on the Shareholder.

A tree outside my house needs attention - what should I do?

Satellite dishes are permitted only in accordance with the conditions given in the Company's booklet 'A Guide to the Company and the Protective Covenants' which can be found on this website.

If the tree is within the area of the property, it is the responsibility of the owner.  If not, you should contact the company, giving the number of the tree and the nature of the concern, so that any necessary action can be taken.

I live in a first floor maisonette and the drains need repairing - who pays for this?

Can I sell my garage?

Garages are an integral part of the property and cannot be sold separately from the house or flat.

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