Ham Riverside Lands is an environment made particularly attractive by the extensive and careful landscaping.  Grassed areas are bordered by geometrically trimmed hedges and a wide variety of trees.


Management of the 358 trees on the estate is a priority. They are surveyed twice a year - once in the spring and again in the autumn - by our arboriculturist who is accompanied by the Director responsible for landscape issues.  After each examination, a comprehensive report is submitted to the Board for careful consideration before acting on the recommendations.


A few shareholders have expressed concern about a very small number of trees. All such concerns are dealt with immediately and action is taken as appropriate. It must be remembered that the majority of our trees have been standing for well over 40 years and it is a fact of life that they do not go on forever without being managed as to growth and age. This might mean merely keeping a watching brief or range from light to severe pruning, the fitting of a cable-brace or, in extreme cases, removal of the tree. In this latter case the Board will always try to plant a suitable replacement as soon as possible. Sometimes this has to wait not only for the ground to settle but also for the soil to become nutritionally stable enough to support a replacement tree.




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