When dealing with requests from shareholders concerning the pruning or felling of trees owned by Ham Riverside Lands Ltd the following policy applies:


Pruning Requests

The following matters, which are often the subject of pruning requests, are not considered a legal nuisance, and we therefore do not prune trees (beyond routine pruning) for any of these reasons:

(i) Loss of light / reduced light to properties

(ii) Effects on TV reception (either sky or terrestrial television)

(iii) Obstruction of views

(iv) Interference with private vegetation

(v) Obstruction to CCTV Cameras

(vi) Obstruction of BT / Utility Cables (these are the responsibility of the statutory undertaker)

(vii) Minor obstruction of street lights.

(viii) Minor or seasonal nuisances such as:

•Honeydew (dripping sap)

•Bird droppings

•Squirrels gaining access to properties from trees

•Leaf, fruit or flowers fall

•Smells generated by trees


Removal of HRLL owned Trees

HRLL will not remove trees unless one of the following reasons exists or there are other exceptional circumstances:

(i) Trees that are considered dead, dying or dangerous. Trees deemed to be in this category, have been professionally assessed, based on a detailed inspection of the biological and / or mechanical condition of the tree(s)

•Dead Tree – Tree that has no, or minimal, live growth present within in the crown.

•Dying Tree – Tree that is in the process of irreversible decline.

•Dangerous Tree – Biological and / or mechanical defects are noted, and the likelihood of failure is deemed high.

(ii) Removal of trees to benefit adjacent trees


Trees will therefore not be removed for the following reasons:

(i) To increase light penetration to properties.

(ii) To improve views.

(iii) To alleviate any of the situations listed in the Pruning Requests section above.







HRLL owned tree management policy/ pruning and felling of trees

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Copyright Ham Riverside Lands Ltd 2019

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